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The fight for sponsorship dollars is fierce. You have to be one step ahead and one step above. Raceline Media will put together the professional photography and video presentation that you need for your proposal and activation program. Raceline has been part of the credentialed media at such diverse events like the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, American Rally-Cross in Trois-Rivieres, and the Honda Indy, Toronto. Let us help to get you on track.



The world of car sales is continually changing and advancing, and so are its customers. Consumers are more sophisticated than they were, so are their expectations. In this instant reward world, the rows and rows of stock photos on autoTRADER become background noise, and vehicles become commoditized. The battle becomes one of price, with customers being able to put the cheapest selections on the top with the click of a button. Worse yet, many dealers are using stock photos that are not the vehicle they have on the lot. A dealer’s cost and time-saving choice can be seen as dishonest, and with so many options now, trust is never regained.

So, what can a dealer do to stand out?


It is very straightforward: a dealer that has unique, accurate photos that stand out from the noise will get noticed. Potential buyers will click on these stand out photos, and more clicks equal additional opportunities. Add accurate, high quality writing in your ads and supplement with professional, informative videos and watch the number and quality of leads increase. The customer now comes for the experience, not for the price.


If you want to be one of these dealers, contact us. Our team from Raceline can build a custom plan for your needs. From just a few premium shoots on your high gross units to handling your entire inventory, or anything in-between, Raceline is your solution to standing out from the noise.


Whether you want to sell it, show it off, or make it a piece of history, Raceline has a solution for you. From our basic packages that help you stand out on autoTRADER or Kijiji, to our one of a kind VIP shoots, we handle the full spectrum of vehicle photography and videography.


Private photo shoots starting from $100.



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